Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Florida Esty Street Team Manifesto!!!

07/10/07 Chat Notes

Hello all :)
Thanks for the great chat!!

So here is what we accomplished tonight:
1. Creation of a Florida Etsy Street Team blog - etsy does have north, south, and central, but this will be all-inclusive.
2. Creation of a Florida Etsy Street Team myspace.
3. Creation of a Florida Etsy Street Team yahoo group.
4. Things that are on hold are a Flickr group and a Livejournal.
5. We will take submissions for a Blog, Myspace, and Yahoo Group, as they need to be consistent and will vote on it.
6. We will take volunteers for Blogger, Myspace and Yahoo admins.
7. Once a Team Name has been created and admins have been chosen, we will accept submissions for a graphics admin (1 position)
8. Other positions will be created as required :)
9. I will organize, but not admin *yay*
10. Opportunities for 'offline' marketing and advertising will be available also
11.We will have weekly chats every Tuesday @ 830pm and then a post recap at our yahoo group or the street team forum if yahoo group has not been created yet.

A. Purpose
1. The purpose of the Florida Etsy Street Team Blog;
a. To create a haven for all etsiers in FL to have a place to post shows, items, links, etc.
b. Organization will be in the following:
i. Labels - all posts will be labeled by the city of the person posting OR by the city of the potential craft fair and show. All city names shall be consistent with their actual names. ie, no O-Town for Orlando and no St. Pete for St. Petersburg.
ii. Objects and wares should be labeled for consistency as well, i.e. apparel not clothes or pants and greeting cards not holiday cards, birthday cards
iii. all posts shall be labeled with posters Etsy shop name, i.e. not Justiss but PaperScissorsArt.
iv. More organization to follow once site has been up and running
v. This shall be consistent in all areas of communication on the blog.
c. Everyone in the Florida Etsy Street Team will be able to post to the blog but there will only be one admin.

2. The purpose of the Florida Etsy Street Team Myspace;
a. To create a haven for all Etsiers in FL to have a place to post shows, items, links, etc.
b. Organization to be determined once Myspace has been created.

3. The purpose of the Florida Etsy Street Team Yahoo Group;
a. To create a method of communication that is consistent as Etsy forums can sometimes be hard to manage.
b. Organization to be determined once Yahoo Group has been created.

B. Site Admins
1. The Florida Etsy Street Team Blogger, Myspace, and Yahoo Group accounts will all have separate admins so as not to burden someone will all the responsibility.
a. Responsibilities
i. Create your respective site.
ii. Maintain your respective site; the layout, colors, implementing and importing of graphics.
iii. More to be determined.
iv. Admins must coordinate changes and maintenance
v. A schedule of changes must be created and followed.
vi. More to be added later.

C. Site Graphics
1. All sites must be consistent with graphics.
2. There will be only one admin.
3. Responsibilities:
i. Create graphics that signify the essence of The Florida Etsy Street Team.
ii. All graphics must be voted on by The Florida Etsy Street Team members.
iii. Coordinate with site admins to implement the graphics to the sites.
iv. Schedule with Site Admins any changes graphically to the sites.
v. More responsibilities to be added later.

D. Other Positions
1. PaperScissorsArt or Justiss will organize, but will not admin.
2. Other positions to be added at a later time.

E. Communication
1. We shall communicate through:
a. Yahoo Group
b. Etsy Chats;
i. Chats are held every Tuesday @ 830pm
ii. There will be a password for every chat and the password will be posted on the Yahoo Group. The password will change weekly(this may change)
iii. If you miss the chat, check the Yahoo Group for synopsis of the chat.
c. Email
d. Blog
e. Myspace
f. Other forms of communication to be added.

1. The intention of this group is to keep everything 100% free.
2. If at any time this group needs to collect dues or fees, then group may need to re-evaluate the direction of the Florida Etsy Street Team.
3. If anyone who claims to be a member of The Florida Etsy Street Team asks or solicits for dues, fees, or any other money and is not for a purchase of merchandise, notify PaperScissorsArt aka Justiss immediately.

G. Opportunities for Outside and Offline Marketing/Advertising
1. Group will be formed on creating avenues for other forms of advertising and marketing.
2. Everyone should have business cards!!!
3. It is the responsibility of all members of The Florida Etsy Street Team to proactively invest in their own marketing and advertising strategy and campaign. Please do not put all your eggs in The Florida Etsy Street Team basket!! But share your successes and failures with us so that we can learn and cheer you on and let you lean on us too!
4. Make every moment count!

If I missed anything, please let me know!! It is almost 1030 (edited, 1130pm) and I have to get up early ☺

PS Craftyhag is hosting a craftshow on July the 27th.
There is a craft show in Miami on the 21st - don't remember the name but I am sure someone will post - Thus why we need the blog :)

I will post in the street team forums an email for everyone to send me their personal/business email addresses so that I know who's doing what and we can communicate a little easier.

I know this is a lot but not much info. Look forward to having you :)


bean said...

July 21st in Miami is Kraftworks. :)


Athena's Armoury said...

Justiss, thank you so much for your organizing efforts! I know we'll all benefit from this. I really look forward to meeting and working with everyone!

inmymindseye said...

Hi. Here in West Palm.

*DaniCalifornia* said...

I am extremely excited...thank you so much for organizing this, and hopefully we can make this work to include all florida etsians.

looking forward to all the fun

Boogiebead said...

CraftyHags show is
India Night 2007
Friday, July 27th 7-11pm
St. Pete Shuffleboard Club
559 Mirror Lake Dr. St. Petersburg
Yoga, BellyDancing, Arts & Crafts Street Bazaar, Indian Cuisine, Music and FREE Continuous Shuffleboard Play.
Hope to see you there!!!!!

james morkal said...

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